Katherine Longly

Visual artist - Photographer

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Hernie & Plume

2013 - 2020

PHOTOBOOK published by The Eriskay Connection - Sold out

I met Blieke, Nicole and their little dog 'Plume' (feather) on a December evening, while I was taking pictures of Christmas decorations in a trailer camp in the outskirts of Brussels. A man came out of his cabin, and asked what I was doing there. I apologized, and he said : "Come inside and have a beer with us instead." We became friends, it was in 2013. They invited me to various wacky parties and told me about their amazing life story.

A photo book about social mobility, stereotypes, aging and, most of all, an outstanding love story.

With this book Longly plays with the prejudices that we all tend to have, no matter how much we try to avoid them. The photographer builds her story calmly but purposefully and then reveals the true history of the protagonist. As a reader we are being misled and thus confronted with our own short-sightedness. Longly does this with extremely sincere and entertaining images of this partying couple, which yields a pleasant book and a wise lesson.

Rob Van Hoesel, The Eriskay Connection


* Shortlisted for FotoWien photobook award 2022 (AT)
* Nominated for the 2022 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize (DE/GB)
* Shortlisted for The author book award at Arles’ Les Rencontres de la photographie (FR)
* Winner of Belfast photo fesitval photo book open submission (IE)
* Awarded in the student selection of Best Dutch book designs (NL)
* Huy Soroptimist Club prize (BE)
* Image grant from SOFAM (B)

* Listed as best 2020/21 photobook by :
- The photobook journal (US)
- Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche (ES)
- Rémi Coignet (FR)
- Christer Ek (FR)
- Ola Sondena (NO)
- Brad Feuerhelm (US/SK)


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